Stores activities become mobile!

Swiss-AS aims to set the industry benchmark in mobility for maintenance and engineering processes. AMOSmobile/STORES is now part of the proof that we “speak mobility”.
By digitizing storemen's daily operations, this product enriches the activities of your stores.

Why AMOSmobile/STORES?

  • Benefit from mobility’s effectiveness and reinforce paperless activities: Appealing, intuitive, innovative, and easy-to-use, AMOSmobile/STORES provides best-in-class mobile user experience that adapts to the user's mission.
  • Less complexity and enhanced efficiency: AMOSmobile/STORES is addressing only one market (AMOS customers) which drastically reduces the complexity while providing a one-stop-shop solution (no additional interfaces, no additional dedicated servers).
  • Fully integrated within AMOS product suite: With the tight integration of AMOSmobile/STORES within AMOS, customers benefit from one product suite that becomes their only source of truth.
  • Swiss-AS large customer base: High configurability to meet the requirements of all AMOS customers and successful track record with the AMOS product line.

Main Features

modules STORES

AMOSmobile/STORES is composed of six modules, thus covering the vast majority of requirements and needs for storemen: Picking Lists, Transits, Inventory Control, Location Management, Return and Tools.

  • Monitor parts to be collected, pick parts in a store through a picking list, record part movements, drop the parts or book them.
  • Full coverage of stores inventory requirements.
  • Information regarding a specific location at your fingertips, visualize the content of any location in your stores, initiate transfers and perform on-the-fly inventory corrections.
  • Return unused serviceable parts to stores.
  • Handle tools: hand out, return or display certain tools in a warehouse.

Product Architecture

AMOSmobile/STORES is fully developed with the Flutter / Dart platform. The material design language and Swiss-AS own design system, which bring consistency across the AMOSmobile product range, give the users a unique user experience.
Using this new tech stack allows Swiss-AS to deliver native apps with offline capabilities.

screen STORES STORES screen

Benefits of AMOSmobile/STORES at a Glance

  • Focus on priorities: Tasks can be automatically prioritised and brought to the user's attention in order to quickly resolve urgent situations (AOGs).
  • Cost efficiencies: Decrease of loan costs and AOG orders due to wrong inventory, reduce likelihood of delays with code 44 “Spares and Maintenance”, staff efficiency thanks to a mix of logistics, storeman and store inspector functionalities.
  • Enhanced process efficiency: Deliver parts where and when they are really required for maintenance, optimise the allocation of storemen in the stores, efficient routing to pick-up parts, mechanics get informed when the part is ready to be picked up.
  • Managing inventory: Mark parts as not found on the go and allow inventory corrections, perform inventory control, easily manage reserved parts or parts from different entity/customer (safety net), maintain accurate stock level, control traceability.
  • More visibility: Centralised and real-time visibility of picking and delivery statuses.
  • Benefits from mobility: Always pick up the right part with automatic notifications system, new / advanced UI, paperless.

Permanent Cooperation with Customers

We remain faithful to our product development philosophy by relying on inputs from our active user community and our in-house industry know-how to strive for further product enhancement and innovation.
Swiss-AS considers a common scope definition and validation review to be a very successful approach to deliver a mature and functionally advanced product.