Digital momentum for technicians

AMOSmobile is a touch-optimised and fully-integrated add-on to AMOS. The first module of the mobile suite, AMOSmobile/EXEC, is designed with the ultimate goal to enable the paperless execution of all line & base maintenance activities and eliminating tons of paper created in the process of documenting all maintenance steps.

AMOSmobile/EXEC is a major step towards “paperless maintenance” and we are happy to support all our customers that are ready to document and e-sign their maintenance activities directly at the aircraft.

While AMOSmobile/EXEC offers a full-scope functional platform for line and base mechanics, the individual apps have been designed to allow each customer to define the best-fitting implementation scenario based on the customer’s desired AMOSmobile scope. From a simple quick-win implementation of AMOSmobile/EXEC bringing AMOS “live” data to the mechanics’ finger-tips up to a full paperless maintenance process, everything is possible.



  • Advanced web application based on modern standards
  • HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript (Vaadin)
  • Runs in web browser
  • Minimum requirements and dependencies
  • Powered by the AMOS server
  • Secured by SSL
  • Optimised for usage in slow networks
  • Runs on any computer / tablet / device

Benefits of AMOSmobile/EXEC at a Glance

  • Full integration with AMOS (no interfaces necessary)
  • Time-saving due to raising & recording of all maintenance activities directly at the aircraft
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use: no formal classroom training needed (on-the-job training sufficient)
  • Faster access and transmission of data
  • All information is available real-time wherever you are
  • Process-driven menu guidance related to mechanics’ tasks
  • Scalable scope of use from quick-wins up to paperless maintenance
  • Interactive: manuals, diagrams, 3D graphics, videos
  • Context sensitive: search, links, details, etc.
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Advanced technology despite lean technical requirements
  • Device agnostic
  • Saving paper
  • Motivating for staff: AMOSmobile/EXEC is fun to work with!