Empowering collaboration by shifting boundaries

By spanning a virtual cloud over all AMOS instances, AMOScentral allows each AMOS customer to individually open its platform to collaborate to the desired extent with other members of the AMOS community and beyond …

AMOScentral is an innovative addition to the current Swiss-AS product suite that will seamlessly integrate into the AMOS world. It will allow each member of the AMOS community to either act as a subscriber or a provider of data sets according to its own needs while having a unique registration in the AMOScentral service directory. Both parties, subscriber and provider, need to agree to the exchange of info via AMOScentral where privacy is guaranteed due to the end-to-end encryption of data. Thereby AMOS customers never lose control of their data.


  • is a message broker (no data is stored)

  • is cloud-based and therefore scalable

  • enables the routing of AMOS data between instances

  • organises the “handshake” between members while determining the best-fit communication.

Examples of AMOScentral use cases

Data Harmonisation / Synchronisation: AMOScentral allows members of an airline group to harmonise predefined AMOS data sets, such as part numbers, ATA-chapters, aircraft-types, conditions or vendor addresses across multiple environments. After the initial harmonisation process, these data sets are kept in synch by defining for each data set via AMOScentral a master entity within the group that then feeds the linked receiving entities.

In addition, AMOS customers can agree to “open” access to their AMOS platforms to certain predefined Data Requests, e.g. stock availability requests could be raised over multiple AMOS instances to show AMOS customers where to find a requested part within their pre-defined AMOScentral community.

The Data Subscription concept goes a step further by allowing AMOS customers within an airline group or beyond, to provide AMOS expertise in specific areas against a subscription fee. For example, EOs “engineered” by an AMOS customer could be distributed to n-subscribers. The AMOS customer subscribing would then save the build-up of in-house expertise. The same concept could be applied to distributing edited Maintenance Programs, etc.

But this is just a start: Linking AMOScentral to external digital service providers will be a further aspect of this collaboration platform.

AMOScentral will be revolutionary in the industry and will empower collaboration by shifting boundaries!