Loyal AMOS community

The ever-increasing number of AMOS customers is evidence of the fact that AMOS is able to optimise operational and financial efficiency within the Maintenance, Engineering and Logistics departments of modern airlines and MRO service providers.

AMOS attracts aviation customers from all over the world by meeting the demands of

  • airlines of all size and type from start-ups to tier-one organisations
  • maintenance organisations working for specific airlines
  • independent MRO providers

In addition, AMOS is suitable for all aircraft types (including new generation aircraft, fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft).

While having attracted more than 220 customers worldwide, Swiss-AS is successfully handling the balancing act of selling a product that is suitable for small to large maintenance organisations in whatever context. Swiss-AS remains true to its roots and continues to cater for every customer, irrespective of their size.

The fact that AMOS is today a mature, proven and internationally renowned system owes itself to the large community of expert users. The confidence placed in us by our customers is of paramount importance and Swiss-AS will continue to invest in a future-proof system that meets the needs of the fast-growing AMOS community.