Technical Advisory and Guidance

Supporting customers to stay up-to-date

Solutions to your unique situation and needs. The AMOS customer base is very heterogeneous in terms of customer size, business segment and type of operation.

When it comes to the specific needs regarding the operation of AMOS or IT governance in general a similar heterogeneity exists:

  • IT departments having all required skill sets but looking for very specific expert guidance by Swiss-AS in order to find the perfect configuration.
  • Companies with a clear IT outsourcing policy
  • Companies not having all the skill sets required for the operation of AMOS and for which it’s cost efficient to outsource the operation of AMOS or parts of it to Swiss-AS.
  • Companies requiring expert guidance by the OEM for very specific projects like e.g. data center move, infrastructure replacement, performance tuning etc.
  • Time frame and complexity of a customer project related to AMOS requires a faster and more personalised technical support level than is usually foreseen according the maintenance agreement.

Available Packages

Swiss-AS offers eight add-on service packages that will help you seek and access expert product knowledge and guidance depending on your specific situation.

  1. Dedicated Technical Support
  2. Ad-hoc Technical Support
  3. Technical Upgrade Packages: Standard (STD) or 360°
  4. Performance Audit (PERFA)
  5. AMOSmonitoring
  6. AMOS Operation Services (AOS)
  7. AMOS Cloud Service
  8. DBMS Conversion plan

Our experts will help you in identifying the most suitable package for your individual needs.

Technical advisory

  • Upgrade

    AMOS is permanently subject to further development and under this directive, Swiss-AS currently issues two new AMOS releases per year, i.e. every six months a new release is published. Release changes of comprehensive maintenance information systems such as AMOS always require meticulous planning. Therefore new AMOS releases are published at predefined dates which allow customers to take all the necessary steps in their organisation to clear the way for a smooth transition from one release to another with minimal interference in their daily operation.

    Swiss-AS can support your AMOS team in reducing and mitigating the risks related to release changes and hence also allowing you to cut the overall costs of a migration to a new AMOS release.