Seamless integration

As a best-of-breed software solution dedicated to the MRO business, the easy integration of AMOS into the customers’ current system landscape is of major importance. Being an open system based on advanced technology, AMOS can be easily linked with other corporate information systems while using generic interfaces to Finance Accounting, HR and Operations Control systems. The smooth integration of AMOS allows the users to work across departmental boundaries.

The interfacing technology can easily be adapted to the application with which AMOS is interfacing: Everything is possible from flat files over direct database access to XML based interfaces. Due to the open architecture of AMOS, no restrictions are imposed from Swiss-AS and the customers have many different possibilities on how to send and receive data from AMOS.

For the creation of interfaces, Swiss AviationSoftware relies on the “Adaptive Integration Manager” (AIM), an innovative tool for transferring data from one system to another. The AIM is fully integrated into the application and is adaptable to any target application. This tool has substantially increased the stability and sustainability of interfaces while being version/content/syntax-neutral. It enables a completely neutral XML-description of all relevant information available in AMOS to be used for communication. The architecture enables the customer to either transform the input/output XML files themselves, to outsource this activity to a third party or to transfer the task to Swiss-AS.

Creating interfaces has become part of our daily business and over the years, Swiss-AS has succeeded in gaining vast experience when seamlessly connecting AMOS with other corporate systems.

The generic architecture of the various import and export interfaces of AMOS has enabled Swiss-AS to successfully connect AMOS to many different SAP and Oracle installations, but also to less well known finance systems.