Just touch and take off


The AMOSeTL brings AMOS to the flight deck by digitalising the paper Techlog. It offers a paperless aircraft technical logbook application tightly integrated with AMOS.

A unique value proposition


  • User profiles
    • AMOSeTL initially addresses to pilots, cabin crew and line and ramp mechanics of existing AMOS customers and future AMOS customers.
  • Platform independence (native support iOS, Windows and Android)
    • AMOSeTL runs on several operating systems to leverage already deployed hardware in the cockpit and / or provide airlines the possibility to select the most cost efficient hardware for particular contexts.
  • User experience
    • With a simple and intuitive user experience and an elegant user interface, the AMOSeTL provides flying crew and maintenance staff the right level of information and functions required in the respective roles.
  • Benefits
    • By optimising aircraft turnaround times, increasing data access and consistency for flying crew and providing aircraft real time availability status, the implementation of the AMOSeTL ultimately leads to end-to-end process optimisation and cost reduction.
  • Low integration efforts between eTL and M&E system
    • With the tight integration of the AMOSeTL with AMOS and AMOSmobile, customers benefit from one product suite that becomes the source of truth for cockpit, cabin and maintenance staff.
    • When onboard connectivity is available, the AMOSeTL synchronises reported defects with the AMOS MCC modules to enable the maintenance organisation to already start the execution planning and therefore reduce impact on their flight operations.
  • Type-A EFB application running in a portable EFB
    • By containing the scope of our application to documents retrievals, storage and simple feedback of complete or not complete business processes, we provide a solution that will not require a heavy and expensive implementation and continuous certification process, like in a Type-B or C EFC application solution.

User types and main functions / features

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Product architecture

  • The AMOSeTL is fully developed with the Flutter / Dart platform and users profit from a new user experience due to material design language and Swiss-AS own design system bringing consistency across the AMOSmobile product suite. Using this new tech stack allows Swiss-AS to deliver native apps with offline capabilities.

  • AMOScentral, a high availability and cloud based ground server globally reachable, acts as a robust piece of the whole product’s architecture by relaying any message reliably from the eTL to AMOS with end to end encryption to ensure no message is lost after the eTL becomes offline during the flight.

  • The profile centric design of the new and unique eTL application allows for more work efficiency as each role focuses on its mission thanks to a dedicated UI and parametrial access rights.


    A joint development effort including the airline customer community

  • Just as AMOS, AMOSeTL is a community product which development include the funding, the expertise and the active feedback delivery of AMOS customers. Swiss-AS considers a common scope definition and validation review to be a very successful approach to deliver a mature and functionally advanced product.

  • Swiss-AS has collaborated closely with customers to specify the product scope, as performed previously for the development of various AMOS features. This tradition has been extended and even enhanced for the AMOSeTL project, which involves requirement gathering from cockpit crew, cabin crew and maintenance staff. Together we have determined the future product scope and features and customers have been actively involved in the functional validation process. Additionally, the development partners have contributed financially towards the different product development phases of the project.

  • Thanks to this strategic partnership with AMOS airline customers of several types and sizes, we can now offer you a best-in-class mobile experience, which is appealing, integrated, intuitive, and innovative!