TrainingTraining according to the customer's needs

Swiss-AS can offer training for all modules available in AMOS. The options range from classroom training to personalised “on-the-job” training, e-learning and virtual classroom sessions. Or a blended learning with a combination thereof. Training spans over all AMOS user groups, i.e. end-users, key users, application managers and system administrators. Our goal is to find the most suitable and cost effective training concept for each customer.

Please note that the AMOS Basics Web Based Training is a precondition for all further classroom courses. The AMOS Basics Web Based Training will provide you with an introduction to AMOS but, in order to use AMOS to its full potential, you should take advantage of all the different training options (classroom training, e-learning, virtual classroom sessions and on-the-job training).

AMOS Transition 10.70 :

Since AMOS has undergone major changes with version 10.70, our intention is to support you in the transition to 10.70.
This e-learning course is designed to give you an overview of all these major changes in all the AMOS modules.
With more than fifty videos, it will keep you tuned in to the key features of AMOS 10.70 and help guide you through the entire course. Click here to see the trailer.