AMOS Operation ServicesAMOS server and database administration

The key target group for the AMOS Operation Services (AOS) are airlines or MRO providers that do not intend to build up in-house manpower for the operation of the AMOS application and database but would like to outsource this task to the Swiss-AS AOS team.

The customer benefits from the following services provided by Swiss-AS:

AMOS Server Administration

  • Installation of the latest AMOS system patches
  • Installation of the latest AMOS releases
  • Supervision of night-jobs, supervision of file system size and AMOS log-files
  • Definition of AMOS system printers

Sybase Database Administration

  • Installation of new database versions
  • Configuration and supervision of database backup and database size
  • Supervision of Sybase log-files
  • Installation of a test database and up to 3 additional databases
  • Monitoring of performance parameters (incl. cache, statistics and memory)

AOS helps the customer to have a stable system, an optimum performance and safe back-ups. The customer will receive a weekly AOS report containing an overview of the most significant operating key figures.

Please note that this support is limited to the administration of AMOS and the underlying database Sybase but does not include any monitoring of the hardware or network environment nor does it encompass user administration or ad-hoc report writing.

Due to the saving potential of this service package the number of AOS customers has been growing fast over the last years and currently a fourth of our AMOS customers profit from the AOS package.