Business ConsultingGuiding customers to maintenance best-practice processes

In order to lay the foundation for a successful AMOS implementation and on-going satisfactory system operation, Swiss-AS provides consulting services to assist the customer in the process of developing or modifying its internal processes. A thorough understanding of the customer’s needs has to precede any consulting advice. All our consultants are experienced in the aircraft maintenance business and understand the language of the MRO business.

Swiss-AS consultants are in a position to clarify with the customer best-industry maintenance practices due to the experience gained in numerous implementations. These can then be tailored to the customer’s needs to be implemented within AMOS in order to boost the users’ productivity and efficiency.

Owing to the configuration options of the software, AMOS is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of diverse user groups.

Early in the implementation project, the Swiss-AS’ consultants will discuss with the customer’s project team all major business process options possible with AMOS to establish the link between client processes and AMOS processes. In the context of workshop sessions knowledge is exchanged both ways and the functional requirements and processes of AMOS/client are mapped. The ultimate goal of these sessions is to identify, assess and define the optimum business processes to be implemented with AMOS as well as specify customisations and interfaces necessary for a smooth transition from the existing system to the new one.

Apart from assisting the customer during the implementation project, Swiss-AS supports the customer throughout the product’s life cycle. While consistently adding new features to the product and improving existing ones, the Swiss-AS’ business consultants are keen to discuss with the AMOS customers how these new features can benefit their company most.

Swiss-AS believes that listening to the customer’s needs and assisting the customer throughout the implementation process by giving expert advice is the assurance of long-term customer satisfaction.