Facts & figures 100% Swiss

Swiss AviationSoftware founded in 2004, a 100% subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines, has always been true to its roots by exclusively dedicating its business to the development, marketing and implementation of its maintenance management solution AMOS.

While looking at the facts and figures of Swiss-AS most striking are the constant growth rates:

The company’s number of employees has been continuously growing over its long time in business with a yearly staff growth rate between 10-15%.

The number of AMOS customers over the last decade has substantially increased every year.

Swiss AviationSoftware
Company name Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd.
Shareholder Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. (100%), a member of the Lufthansa Group
Foundation 2004 spin-off from Swiss International Air Lines. The AMOS project launched by Crossair in 1989 (predecessor of SWISS).
Offices Basel / Allschwil, Switzerland (Headquarters)
Miami, FL, USA (in partnership with Lufthansa Systems Americas)
Singapore (in partnership with Lufthansa Systems APAC)
Employees 150+
Customers 150+ worldwide
Financials Profitable from the first day
Slogan A story of success