Why AMOS?General benefits of AMOS

With AMOS customers benefit from a proven, comprehensive and future-proof system which has been true to its principles for two decades.

+   AMOS is a product whose functionality has grown over decades – being today a proven and mature product.

+   AMOS is renowned for functional width / depth and integration.

+  AMOS is a quality product thanks to well established quality assurance procedures being in place.

+  AMOS incorporates industry trends at the earliest while always keeping an eye on the system´s usability/longevity.

+  AMOS focuses on well researched innovations instead of quick wins to ensure the longevity of the product.

+ AMOS is the product of a community whose business knowhow and input flows into the software.

+  The AMOS implementation allows customers to tidy up their maintenance processes according to industry best  

+ AMOS is not standing still. Customers receive with each Release (three per year) new functions and system


Examples of AMOS’ positive impact on the business:

    +  Optimisation of maintenance processes:

        •    Possibility to exhaust maintenance limits to its full due to accurate calculations

        •    Careful planning of all maintenance events in AMOS including manpower/material

        •    Scheduling of maintenance activities against the flight schedule

        •    Analysis of trends of components/airframe) = pro-active maintenance rather than reactive

        •    Additional functions    for multi-operator contexts

        •    Workflow settings allow the automatisation of maintenance processes

   +  Cost Reduction

       •    Avoidance of AOG due to careful planning of required material availability

       •    Reduced inventory due to optimisation of consumables’ / rotables’ stock levels

       •    Identification of surplus material

       •    Comprehensive warranty tool to optimize cost recovery

       •    Customers will benefit from enhanced Cost Control functions (new Quotation Manager, Budget Management etc.)

   +  Motivated Users

       •    Ease of use of system

       •    Possibility  to  customise  AMOS  set-up according to the user’s profile

       •    Visibility of all information necessary to take informed decisions including manuals, workstep descriptions etc.