AMOSAMOS - an MRO software solution to create stories of success 

The key differentiators that make AMOS stand out from competition are the system´s high degree of integration and functional depth coupled with ease of use.

The scope of AMOS available today covers the business requirements of

+  airlines of all size and type from start-ups to tier-one organisations

+  maintenance organisations working for specific airlines

+  independent MRO providers

while being suitable for all aircraft types (including New-Generation aircraft, fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft).

With AMOS our customers are able to successfully manage their maintenance, engineering and logistics needs and to see to their compliance with a complex system of aviation regulations.The M&E software solution AMOS consists of seven modules which build the heart of the system while two additional functional sets (Human Resources, Financial Management) complete the system. The scope of finance functions has been recently substantially extended though only relating to the maintenance context and not replacing a full-fledged finance system. Also worth mentioning are the many functions that go beyond the limits of module boundaries like workflow management, reporting and interfaces.

AMOS is a community product with all the advantages this entails for our customers. The system is used by a large customer community who actively support AMOS by their daily input.

With AMOS 10 Swiss-AS has launched the most extensive developments since the last decade. A first glance reveals that with AMOS 10 the users’ desktop has undergone a re-fresh with widget functions like customer-tailored dashboards having been added and a cleaner structure of the menu and status bar having been introduced. On the functional side, major developments such as functions for the management of New Generation aircraft, Multi-Entity functions, Multi-Operator support and Special Control Dimensions have been launched.

Swiss-AS realised with AMOS 11 a major performance optimisation of the system. On a module level, as well as on the system level, slow running queries and data bottlenecks were identified and optimised to ensure a high performance and scalability of AMOS to support organisations of all sizes and with multiple locations world-wide.