AMOS worldwideSwiss-AS makes headway in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region

Spreading its wings...
While being the market-leader in Europe and having a substantial market share in other parts of the world, Swiss-AS embarked on the strategy to continue to intensify its presence in non-European markets by setting up local representations outside of Europe. the Americas
The first step towards this goal was the establishment of an AMOS business unit in Miami, FL, USA, in 2010. Back then, Swiss-AS was looking for a partner and found in its sister company Lufthansa Systems the ideal ally for its strategic growth plans. The potential of the US market is well-known to the MRO software industry. Many airlines in the US currently use outdated MRO software and will sooner or later screen the market for fully integrated MRO software solutions with the capabilities to manage New- Generation aircraft and fulfil other new requirements.

...and to the Asia-Pacific region
Only two years after this collaboration, Swiss-AS continued its strategic expansion plans – this time towards the East – while relying again on Lufthansa Systems as a business partner. The AMOS Asia- Pacific office is located in Singapore and – just like the Miami representation – is fully dedicated to AMOS-related activities, which imply pre- as well as post-go-live services. The Asia-Pacific region is known in the aviation business as one of the most important growth markets worldwide. Although AMOS is already used in South-East Asia, the fact that a remarkable percentage of the local airlines and MRO providers do not have a professional M&E system in place encouraged Swiss-AS to further intensify its presence there.

Both, Singapore and Miami appear to be the perfect hubs from where we can conveniently reach our customers in remote parts of the globe and connect them with our home base in Switzerland. The expansion strategy has proven its worth already and significantly accelerated the growth of the AMOS community outside Europe.